I love food, love eating and love helping others navigate the world of food.

My first nutrition course in college opened up my eyes to food as something that can influence our health and bodies in a myriad of amazing ways.  I became and remained a health nut for the majority of my college career.  For a longtime I believed wholeheartedly that food, whenever possible, should be our prevention and “medicine.”

Those were not my best years–I walked a very thin line between health-minded and disordered in my eating.   Orthorexia was probably an accurate unofficial diagnosis for my preoccupation with perfecting my diet and body.

Luckily between my nutrition & dietetics degree and other life events, I was nudged back toward normal eating.  Not everyone is so lucky.

Professionally, I wear many hats.   I’ve been a Registered Dietitian, certified in the state of Washington, for nearly 15 years.  As such I’ve been a hospital dietitian, dialysis dietitian, and general outpatient dietitian.  I’ve taught cooking classes  for general health, for people with diabetes, and more.   I’m also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and use Intuitive Eating principles in my work with clients, but also many other tools.  My goal for this blog and my local and online work is to coach individuals and families toward a healthier relationship with food so they can .