Classes & Workshops

Sept 6 - Food & Flow 
Join me, and Susan Hoverson of In Sync Fitness, for an evening of yoga, a lesson in mindful and intuitive eating, and a delicious supper.  Get a glimpse of the joy and peace you can enjoy in your eating and movement practices through exploring the connection between yoga and intuitive eating in this 90 minute workshop.  Space is limited and almost full.  Sign up ASAP!

Sept 17 - Raising Healthy Eaters in a Diet Obsessed Culture
A workshop for parents who want to support their kids in developing a healthy relationship with food & body.  There will be both a morning and evening session at the YMCA.  We will cover:

  • How body image concerns develop & why body image matters.
  • How parents can respond to sensitive questions about weight.
  • What kids need to feel good about their bodies.
  • Most important principles of feeding kids whether they're picky eaters or food lovers.
  • How to nurture a healthy relationship with food & body.
  • Simple family meal ideas.

This is FREE to members and nonmembers -- sign up at the YMCA front desk or call: 509-525-8863 

Sept 19 - 10 Weeks to Food Freedom 
A small group class for women who want to work on their Intuitive Eating skills.  We will meet weekly for 10 weeks.  More info can be found here.