What is Healthy Eating?

When you think of healthy eating, what comes to mind?

Is it certain foods?  A basket of freshly picked vegetables?  A bowl of fruit?  Farm fresh eggs?  Maybe terms like “whole,” “clean,” “gluten-free,” or “non-GMO.”  Perhaps “portion-control.”

There are so many ways to eat, it can seem mind numbing to try to figure out what the right way is for you.  I believe healthy eating is nutrient dense and flexible.  Health-promoting and moderate as well as joyful and satisfying.  And most of all, appropriate for you.

I wonder, how often do you think about how healthy eating feels?  Focusing too hard on getting the food just right will cause you to lose touch with the compass you have inside you that can turn everything around and help you FEEL great.

Imagine … consistently choosing foods that you feel good about.

Imagine … ending a meal with a feeling of ease and satisfaction, not regret.

Imagine … feeling confident around any food without fear of losing control.

Imagine … feeling the peace and freedom when no food has power over you.

Imagine … feeling energized after eating instead of weighed down by guilt.

This is just a glimpse of how eating in a healthy & intuitive way feels.  I would love to guide you in reaching these feels because life is too short to spend stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed by food.  Don’t spend another day in the clutch of anxiety-producing, dis-empowering, life-draining diets and food rules.

Work with me to  reclaim your intuitive eating skills and gain:






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