Body Image Resilience

In our image and body obsessed culture, most women feel intense body dissatisfaction.

In fact, 74.5% of women report that their concerns about shape and weight interferes with their happiness.*

It doesn't have to be that way.  You can learn to appreciate, care for, and feel okay with your body regardless of how it looks this moment or might look in the future.  This is body image resilience: Where, despite being bombarded with messages that our bodies are "wrong," we can bounce back and thrive.  

And this has nothing to do with convincing yourself you are beautiful or starving yourself with another diet.  

Hating your body causes real pain.  

Invest in your body image, your life satisfaction, and your mental and physical health with this research-backed course.

This program guides participants through the process of:

  1. recognizing harmful messages in media and culture about female bodies;
  2. reflecting on the ways those ideals have impacted your life;
  3. redefining the way you think about beauty, health and individual worth; and
  4. developing resilience through your own path that utilizes four sources of power.

Through this program you will learn how to:

  • Be more than beautiful and see more in yourself and others so you can live a full life, free from the shackles of body dissatisfaction.
  • Gain confidence that doesn’t depend on external validation so you’re solid in your relationship to your body.
  • Learn to appreciate your body fully so you can care for it out of kindness not punishment.

Watch this video by Dr. Lindsay Kite, of Beauty Redefined®, explaining the concept of Body Image Resilience.

The Body Image Resilience group will meet weekly for 8 weeks and uses a process developed by Beauty Redefined® and provides tools and strategies to help you recognize, reject and resist harmful messages and beliefs with an evidence based path to body image resilience.  

This group will be small -- only 5 women total.  Fill out the interest form below to sign up for the group class using the Beauty Redefined® curriculum.

* Patterns and prevalence of disordered eating and weight control behaviors in women ages 25-45.  Eat Weight Disord. 2009 Dec;14(4):e190-8.