Dieting scars your relationship with food

Dieting scars the way you look at food, it scars your relationship with food so that you don't see crispy bread you see "bad carbs."
Instead of a table full of holiday cookies, some of which you love, you see "temptations" and feel fear and anxiety about how much you eat.

Instead of picking a spaghetti sauce that looks good or is priced right, you scan the jars for the one with the lowest sugar content--whether the difference is meaningful or not.

Instead of eating a meal and moving on, it makes you judge yourself based on what you ate and preoccupy yourself with the next meal and what you need to "fix" or get just right.

It's no way to live.

Walla Walla, you don't need another diet.  You don't need another "eating plan" or "lifestyle" -- you need to heal your relationship with food from the inside out instead of outsourcing your body's wisdom to somebody else's idea about how you should eat.  Whether you think you overeat, binge eat, or simply don't know anything about how to eat, there is wisdom in your body.  Call me to set up an appointment to get started in a normal, healthy, life-giving relationship with food!  You don't have to live in the Walla Walla Valley--as a dietitian I can work with individuals all over Washington state via video chat.  I'm also able to work in a few other states, just ask!

Posted by Adina
September 11, 2019