A pack of Oreos gone in a flash after an exhausting and stressful day.

Extra servings of dinner just because you don't even want to look at your spouse after how rude they were tonight.

Or Netflix and ice-cream till the gallon is empty on a lonely Saturday night.

These are all examples of eating to soothe emotions.  Often followed by guilt, regret, shame and resolutions to "eat better tomorrow."

It's also quite common.  Normal even.

There are ways to address emotional eating and it doesn't involve dieting or deprivation or extra will-power.  In fact, dieting generally amplifies emotional eating and keeps you stuck in unhelpful patterns with food.  

The struggle with emotional eating can look like turning toward food when difficult emotions arise.  It can also feel like sugar calls your name all day long or constantly trying to be "good" but repeatedly eating in a way that leaves you feeling guilty. 

If you're ready to start making some positive changes to stop the food fight and move toward peace with food and your body, this workshop is for you!

"Eating with a Full Heart" is a 3-part evening workshop to better understand why you eat your feelings, start the process of healing your relationship with food and develop tools to help you take charge of your eating.

Cost: $120 includes 3 classes and supplies.  
Space is limited to 12 participants.  

Dates/Times: TBA depending on interest -- if you're interested in this workshop, please fill out the interest form below.

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