Breaking Up with Dieting

Fo​​​​​r a Healthier You!

This small group is for Walla Walla Valley women who have struggled with their eating and want to find confidence and peace with food.  

No more food rules and strict diets.  Learn the principles of caring for your body and feeding yourself well...from the inside out.

This group is for you if...

  • You've tried every diet and are tired of all the nonsense and ready to work on realistic habits.
  • You'd like to avoid diets but feel like something isn't right with your eating habits.
  • You just want to feel in charge of your eating without it taking up all your brain space.
  • You consider yourself an "emotional eater" that turns to food to manage hard feelings.
  • You have a strained, tricky or stressful relationship with food.
  • A cookie isn't just a cookie, but something you feel has power over you.
  • You're rarely hungry or always hungry, but don't trust your appetite.
  • You want a better relationship with food.

What is involved?

We will meet weekly for 10 weeks.  Each class is 90 minutes and we will use The Intuitive Eating Workbook (included) and discuss and practice a new principle each week to help you develop a peaceful and satisfying relationship with food, mind, and body. This group is limited to 6 women and led by dietitian, Adina Pearson.

This is not a weight loss group.  We will not be doing weekly weigh-ins or asking about your weight. We will work on the critical skills you need to eat well and take good care of your body so you won't need the crutch of a strict, life-draining diet again.  

Breaking up with Dieting is not a diet in any way because it does not involve any restrictive eating.  Instead, the goal is to help you use your body's amazing guidance to help you eat well and feel your best without following someone else's rigid rules that don't work for most people anyway.

Breaking up with Dieting we will talk about and practice:

  1. How to give yourself permission to eat all foods without those foods taking over.  Making peace with food keeps you from feeling deprived and overdoing it later.
  2. How to honor your hunger and sort out non-hunger reasons you eat.  This includes learning how to get the most out of food and finding the balance of nutrients that works best for you.
  3. How to identify when you're fully satisfied and find that sweet spot where you can stop eating and feel good about it.  This is going to vary from person to person, day to day, meal to meal.  But you can learn how to work with your body here.
  4.  How to cope with your emotions without using food as your main tool.  It's normal to feel comfort from eating.  That's not wrong or bad.  But if your primary coping tool is eating, you know it doesn't really "fix" anything and only leaves you feeling bad after.  We'll talk about what underlies emotional eating and how to get to a place where this isn't a struggle.
  5. And more...

All with the support of other women learning and practicing the same skills and nutrition professional, Adina Pearson.

When will this begin? What are the dates/times?

Groups will be on Wednesdays evenings from 6:30-8pm.  Dates will be determined once we have enough interest.  Fill out the interest form below if you're interested in upcoming groups that will start late winter or early spring of 2019. The group will meet at the Adina Pearson Nutrition office on 19 E Birch, Suite 102, Walla Walla, WA. 

What will this cost?

Breaking up with Dieting costs $360 for 10 weeks, payable all at once or in 3 monthly charges of $120.  If you're interested in getting insurance coverage for these classes, call your insurance and ask if they cover CPT code 97804 and how many group classes are covered.  You may need a physician referral and prior authorization, depending on your insurance carrier.  (Please note Premera & Lifewise do not cover these classes).

All of this includes the weekly group support and accountability, expert guidance, and your own copy of the Intuitive Eating Workbook.

Fill out the application & join the wait list!

I'm only accepting 6 women so that everyone has a chance to speak and share and get support.