Intimidated by Meal Planning?

Are you having trouble getting simple, easy, nutritious meals on the table for you and your family, and feeling intimidated by the idea of meal planning?

You love the idea of meal planning.  Maybe you've done it before when you were dieting, but once the diet ended, so did any advanced planning.  Or perhaps you've never meal planned and it all sounds like a foreign language, always flying by the seat of your pants,  playing catch up, staring into your fridge and wishing a delicious meal would make itself.  Perhaps you're stopping by the grocery store several nights a week--or maybe you're pulling up at the drive through most nights and feel awful about it.   It makes you feel like a failure, but you're stuck in a rut and don't know where to begin.  Just thinking about planning meals stresses you out!

And then there's the struggle between what you think you should eat vs. what you WANT to eat, possibly trying to please a family on top of it all.    

If you can identify with any of this, you are the right person for this class!

What This Class is NOT

This is not a diet class.  I'm not going to teach you how to eat tiny portions out of tupperware, live off of kale, kick out dairy, or become vegan.  I'm also not going to push meat, make you drink butter, or eat like your neighbor eats. 

This is not a recipe swap class and we will not be cooking or prepping food.

This is also not a class for those who are already meal planning like a pro and simply want to "clean up" their eating.  

What This Class is About

We are going to keep things simple so that you can leave with a practical framework for simple, healthy meals and a ready-to-use meal plan for the next week.  You will learn:

  • Basics of planning balanced meals.   What does it take to make a meal balanced and nutritious?  What are some staples to keep in the house?   It's about more than perfect food choices and with all the diet "noise" in our culture, it's easy to lose track of what really matters with food.  We will simplify!
  • Basics of feeding a family.  We will adopt the principle of "you're a family if you take care of yourself"--so you don't have to be married or have kids.  But if you do have kids, you'll learn how to adjust everything to make feeding them easier without becoming a short order chef or power struggles at the table.  
  • The down and dirty basics of meal planning.  Meal planning that's used to enslave you to a rigid diet system is bound to fail you.  Instead we will make meal planning YOUR slave in order to support your day-to-day life and keep you fed and happy.  


When: Thur Feb 28, 6:30-8:00pm

Where: WWU Church Fellowship Hall

Cost: $15