Meal Plans coming soon...

When Should you NOT use a Meal Plan?

A meal plan will not fix anything if your underlying relationship with food is fraught. Depending on what you're struggling with, it's not even a good band-aid.

If you feel controlled by sweets, a meal plan doesn't provide resolution. If you struggle with emotional eating, this doesn't begin to address what's lying underneath. And if you are a slave to the scale, again, it's not useful.  For these types of problems, you need nutrition therapy, not a food prescription.  Contact me to schedule a consult and get started toward peace, joy, and freedom with food.  Because without that, you'll be spinning your wheels and jumping from diet to diet indefinitely.  

What's the Point of Meal Plan?

Life is busy and having a meal plan ready without the mental labor of making it up all on your own is a huge stress reliever.  Trying to solve the never-ending "what should I make this week?" dilemma is tiring.

For this reason alone, I will soon be offering dietitian-curated meal plans that are delicious and nutritious. Let me be frank, with you: these recipes don't "treat" or "cure" a darned thing.  But they will offer some creativity in using fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods that many people want to include but don't always know how.  

You will receive a weekly meal plan of scrumptious recipes have been extensively tested and feature simple ingredients with easy-to-follow directions for people of all cooking levels.  

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