Are you an All or Nothing Eater?   Do you swing between following rigid food rules and chaotic eating patterns?  I recognize you.  You match the profile of many of the clients I work with. You’re either eating all the veggies or you’re eating none. You’re either reading labels and […]

Kale vs. Burgers: Are you too black or white with ...

Many health professionals are singing the praises of mindful eating, Intuitive Eating, listening to your body, and opting out of dieting entirely.  But what you might not realize is there are some side effects to going the non-diet route to self care.  I asked a few dietitian and therapist colleagues […]

18 Side Effects of Intuitive Eating – Warnings from Dietitians

I didn’t discover asparagus until I began my Nutrition & Dietetics education. It wasn’t a part of my upbringing or anywhere on my radar before that.  One of my nutrition professors frequently extolled the nutrition and health virtues of this favorite vegetable of hers.  Indeed, asparagus is a good source […]

25 Asparagus Recipes to Celebrate Spring

How do you know WHAT to eat when you’re eating “intuitively”? If you’re brand new to Intuitive Eating the “intuitive” part of the term might conjure up the idea of an automatic, other-wordly knowing of some deep food selection truth.  The notion that you can trust your body might suggest […]

How do you know WHAT to eat with Intuitive Eating?

It’s amazing to me how often the term “health” permeates the marketing of weight loss diet gurus. Their ads throw “health” around as though their shake, supplement or diet plan actually has magical powers to endow it upon you.  They use body positive language like “the scale is just a […]

Will EASTER Steal Your Health?